BSA A10 Gold Star Special 1960

What we have here is a collection of parts put together in a "dry build", the frame is a 1960 a10, which has been modified (very well) to accept a BSA single engine. The frame number is clear and unmessed with and is FA7.32 - -, there is evidence of some slight damage to the tubes, where I think it has had a sidecar fitted at some time, the engine is an XB33 bottom end, with what I was told an M21 crankshaft, with a B33 conrod and goldstar piston. The top end is BB34, with Amal TT carburettor. It was a common thing in the day to build this combination of parts together, for a bit more power, it also has Gold star cams fitted. The rest of the chassis comprises of Gold Star forks and wheels (rebuilt with new rims, stainless spokes and new tyres, but have pitted & gone off over the years) mudguards (also new) and the tank is an early lightning tank, with the big badges and the flip top lid, like the Gold star but no breather on the top, all in all a great project with lots of desirable parts, comes with up to date v5c, would like to sell as is, but may break if there is enough interest.

  • Price: SOLD