Ossa Trials outfit 302cc 1978

Been standing some time, not sure about the frame, but looks to have been specially built, it has Rickman hubs and forks, anyone out there know anything about it, as it would be greatly appreciated. As it has been standing a while, I have not tried to start it. Although quite rusty on the outside, there is still petrol in the tank, so that doesn't leak, forks have no caps or springs, hence the tape on them, they are the very desirable 41mm Rickman's own forks, the wheels have alloy rims laced into Rickman hubs, the front one is missing the brake plate, the tyres hold air but are cracked. The sidecar wheel is poor, the rim has rusted through and will need rebuilding.

All in all this was once a very useable and competitive outfit in someone's hands. It comes with an up to date V5c in my name and frame & engine match it, nice short registration number.

  • Year: 1978
  • Price: £1295