Royal Enfield 500 Twin 1953

Restoration project, frame, forks and tinwear have been stove enamelled, engine and gearbox etc originally was complete in one piece, and has been stripped and checked, all parts look to be good, bores are still on standard, which suggests that it had not done a lot of mileage, new parts have been bought for it including Hagon shock absorbers, toolboxes, new seat, new centre stand, pivot and spring, and various new specialised nuts and bolts, engine and frame numbers, are clear and correct, and suggest that it is from around 1953, good project, ideal for isdt replica, trial bike, a good source of parts for another, or put back to standard, parts that are missing are readily available, comes with parts book, instruction manual, and pictures taken before the start of restoration, there are no documents with it, but should be no problem to register, with the help of the Royal Enfield Owners Club, there are over £300 of new parts.

  • Year: 1953
  • Price: SOLD