Royal Enfield 500 Twin 1953 (FOR BREAKING)

Restoration project, loosely put together, engine and gearbox unit looks to be complete, although clutch, pushrods, timing chain etc are loose.

The forks are twin brake forks and the wheel although the right one is missing one of the brake plates, both the tank and the seat are solid and original, the toolboxes are original, although one is missing a cover, the frame and engine numbers are both good and original. From various information available, it suggests that they are from 1953, ideal project, for a trial bike, ISDT replica, a good source of parts for your current project, or restore back to standard, there are no documents, but should be no problem with the help of the Royal Enfield Owners Club.

Please call us if you are interested in anything from this bike. Please note some of the parts may have already been sold.

  • Year: 1953
  • Price: CALL